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Empowered Goddess Pathway: Activating Sekhmet

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Welcome to our transformative 12-week course, Empowered Goddess Pathway -Activating Sekhmet: A Journey Through Time and Archetypes, followed by a deep dive into the powerful Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. In every corner of the globe, the divine feminine has been revered through the ages, embodying the multifaceted aspects of life, from creation to destruction and nurturing to fierce independence. Yet, the true essence of goddess spirituality has often remained shrouded in mystery. Our comprehensive course is designed to unveil the wisdom of goddess philosophy by delving into its historical context, archetypes, and the transformative journey of shadow work. We will explore how ancient cultures revered goddesses, understanding their significance in shaping societies, spirituality, and personal growth. As we journey through these 12 weeks, you will embark on an exploration of the rich tapestry of goddess symbolism, uncovering both the light and shadow aspects within yourself. This introspective process will empower you to embrace the divine feminine within and around you, fostering personal growth and healing. In the final week, our course culminates with an in-depth study of Sekhmet, the formidable Egyptian goddess. We will unravel the historical tapestry that surrounds her worship, understanding her unique significance within the pantheon and her role as a catalyst for personal transformation.




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Goddess Spread the Cost over 10 weeks
£45,00/week + £10,00 Admin Fees

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Empowered Goddess Pathway -Activating Sekhmet

Empowered Goddess Pathway -Activating Sekhmet

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