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יום ג׳, 21 בדצמ׳



Solstice Ancestral Workshop


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Solstice  Ancestral Workshop
Solstice  Ancestral Workshop

זמן ומיקום

21 בדצמ׳ 2021, 19:00 – 20:30 GMT


פרטי האירוע

Ancestral energy work doesn't have to wait until Samhain, instead we are going to use the winter solstice,  marking the begining of winter to tap into this energy work also discussing using crystals, Reiki, shamanic drumming and goddess philisophy which will help you to not only honour your lineage but to also break ancestral patterns of behaviour.


The workshop will be centred around a discussion then we  travel between the relms , using the suggested materials for the class,  a 10 mins Celtic Shamanic Drumming which will lead into a 15 mins guided meditation followed by group discussion. 

You will also have the oppertunity to leave a remeberance token on a branch from the ancient Beech tree of Avebury for a loved one. 

I have also set up a interactive group where after the session you can chat with each other, ask questions or share your own experences of your ancestrial work. 


  • Ancestral workshop

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