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Ancestor Connection with Crystals: A Journey of Healing and Connection.

Updated: May 22, 2023

Connecting with our ancestors can be a powerful and transformative experience, allowing us to honour our lineage and tap into the wisdom and guidance that they offer. One way to deepen this connection is through the use of crystals. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of ancestor crystals and share personal experiences during an ancestor meditation.

My Personal Experience and session:

During my ancestor meditation, I chose to work with the powerful energy of the Morrigan, a Celtic goddess associated with birth, death, and ancestors. The Morrigan is a shape-shifter and a symbol of death, often linked to the festival of Samhain. With the intention of connecting to my sacred Briton lineage and honouring my grandparents, I embarked on this journey.

Before beginning the meditation, I prepared myself with mugwhart to open my heart and invoke the energy of the goddess Morrigan. I immersed myself in her essence, feeling her presence and guidance throughout the meditation. The sacred plants of mugwort and willow heightened my connection to the ancestral realm.

I activated a crystal grid under my bed, calling upon my ancestors and instructing them to provide messages of guidance. The key stones, including smokey quartz, rosemary, cinnamon stick, and amethyst, formed a protective barrier, ensuring spiritual protection from any unwanted energies.

I anointed my third eye with blue lotus and Glastonbury goddess water, I felt a deepening sense of connection and clarity. Laying down and getting comfy, I held a willow branch from Avebury in my right hand, a Scottish Morian crystal in my left hand, an ancestral time line crystal at my heart centre which opens up ancestral portal brining in the information and heals past life ancestral trauma, a witches broom crystal on my 3rd Eye, an Iona marble and an Apache tear on my soul star chakra. Doing this, I felt the energy flow through me, connecting me to the ancient wisdom of my ancestors.

Throughout the meditation, a carefully curated shamanic instrumental playlist, accompanied a guided meditation of the Morrigan which created an atmosphere of sacredness and deep connection.

Continuing and getting comfy lying down on the bed, I placed my focus on my heart centre, I opened an ancestral timeline, allowing the portal to bring forth ancestral information and heal past-life traumas. The presence of the Time line crystal and the Druid stone, made of Iona marble, served as a direct link to my assertors, while the Soul Star crystal and apache tear honoured my ancestors and their journey.

Once the session was over, I spent time in gratitude and honouring the session by leaving offerings and journaling the experience.

Exploring my ancestral timeline provided me with a greater understanding of my own identity, strengths, and challenges. I have recognised the influence of my ancestors on my present circumstances, fostering deep self-reflection and self-awareness. This newfound awareness has opened up doors for personal growth and transformation.

Connecting with our ancestors through crystal work and meditation can be a profound experience that allows us to honour our lineage, receive guidance, and heal ancestral traumas. By tapping into the energy of specific ancestor crystals, such as the Morrigan, we can explore the depths of our ancestral wisdom and forge a stronger bond with our roots.

Remember to approach ancestor work with respect and reverence, allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition and the energies that resonate with you. May your journey of ancestor connection bring you healing, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of your place in the tapestry of generations past.

Side note: Goddess Morrigan, also known as Morrigu, Morgane, Morrighan, and Morgan le Fay in Arthurian legends, is a Celtic deity whose name translates to "great queen" or "phantom queen." The spelling of her name may vary across different sources.

Archaeological evidence reveals that Morrigan's worship dates back to the Copper Age, making her the dominant Goddess of Europe, often referred to as the Great Goddess. She encompasses the cycles of life and death, serving as a deity of birth, death, and ancestors. Morrigan is also associated with the concept of the triple goddess, embodying various aspects simultaneously.

Different perspectives exist regarding Morrigan's nature. Warrior societies often perceive her as connected to their needs for power, energy, enchantment, and warfare. However, in other writings, she is regarded as a healer, protector of the land, and the one who brings Arthur to power.

Morrigan holds a symbolic association with death and is linked to the festival of Samhain. Crows and ravens are considered sacred birds in connection with her, while mugwort, yew, and willow are among the plants associated with her energies.

One of Morrigan's notable attributes is her shape-shifting ability, enabling her to alter her physical appearance as desired. This quality signifies her fluidity and adaptability in different circumstances.

Sekhmet is an ancient Egyptian goddess revered for her healing abilities and transformative powers. As a lioness-headed deity, she embodies strength, protection, and fierce compassion. Sekhmet is known for her capacity to heal past life traumas and release karmic imprints that affect our present experiences. Through her energy, she assists in accessing ancestral knowledge and identifying unresolved issues from past lives. Moreover, Sekhmet's healing energy extends beyond the past, as she has the power to heal present circumstances and even influence future timelines. By working with Sekhmet, individuals can tap into her profound wisdom and experience profound shifts, freeing themselves from the burdens of the past and embracing a more harmonious and empowered future.

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