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Exploring lost Civilisations and the Mystical World of Crystals

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Göbekli Tepe, an extraordinary archaeological site in southeastern Turkey, not only captivates our imagination but also bolsters and confirms the timeline proposed by Plato for the legendary lost civilisation of Atlantis. This remarkable discovery not only challenges our perception of ancient civilisations but also lends credibility to Plato's account, which he claimed to have received from ancient Egyptian priests and scholars. Furthermore, the presence of crystals in connection with these ancient civilisations adds another layer of intrigue to the exploration. Let's delve into these fascinating connections and the implications they have for our understanding of human history.

Göbekli Tepe, dating back approximately 11,500 years, has astounded researchers with its monumental stone temple complex, intricate carvings, and evidence of advanced ritual practices. The sophistication and precision of the site's construction challenge traditional assumptions about early human societies and lend credence to the idea of highly developed ancient civilisations.

Göbekli Tepe's existence not only aligns with Plato's timeline for Atlantis but also provides a tangible link that strengthens his account. Plato claimed to have received information from his ancestors about Atlantis from ancient Egyptian priests and scholars, who preserved the wisdom of their ancestors.

In addition to Göbekli Tepe, numerous other ancient sites are now emerging as pieces of the puzzle that confirm the existence of advanced civilisations predating the commonly accepted timeline. These discoveries indicate that the wisdom of ancient civilisations was vast and far-reaching, challenging the traditional narrative and opening doors to new interpretations of human history.

Another intriguing aspect of ancient civilisations is the association with crystals. Throughout history, crystals have been revered for their beauty and believed to possess metaphysical properties. In the context of Atlantis and other lost civilisations, the connection between crystals and ancient wisdom takes on added significance.

Beyond historical perspectives, esoteric and New Age beliefs have connected crystals to Atlantis, Lemurians, and the mythical land of Mu. These notions, though not widely accepted by mainstream academia, offer intriguing possibilities for spiritual and metaphysical exploration.


Lemurian Quartz: these crystals are believed to hold encoded information from the lost continent of Lemuria, said to have existed in the Pacific Ocean. Recognised by their unique horizontal striations, Lemurian Quartz is regarded as a conduit for spiritual wisdom and healing energies. They are thought to connect individuals to the ancient Lemurian civilisation and its advanced spiritual knowledge.

Atlantean Crystals: Technological Marvels? According to alternative theories, Atlantis utilised crystals possessing advanced technological properties. These crystals are said to have powered energy grids, facilitated inter-dimensional communication, and enhanced psychic abilities.

Atlantean seed crystal

Atlantean seed crystals are a type of quartz which is said to have moved energies to important sacred sites in Atlantis. Then we have the Atlantean record keepers ( small triangles on facets of quartz) contain data from the akashic records on Atlantis. We also have the mysterious Tuaoi Stone which is believed to have held the greatest power in Atlantis which was also the catalyst of its destruction.

Lost civilisations

A Spiritual Connection The land of Mu, or Lemuria, is another legendary lost civilisation also often associated with crystals. Believed to have existed in the Pacific Ocean predating Atlantis and Lemuria, Mu was purportedly a highly spiritual civilisation that utilised crystals for energy generation and spiritual growth.

The discoveries at Göbekli Tepe and other ancient sites not only confirm Plato's timeline for Atlantis but also invite us to reconsider our understanding of human history. The connection of crystals to these ancient civilisations adds a mystical and spiritual dimension to the exploration. As we continue to unravel the secrets of our ancient past, embracing new perspectives and ancient wisdom handed down through generations allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our origins and the profound knowledge possessed by our ancestors.

In conclusion, the connection between crystals and these lost civilisations adds a captivating and spiritual aspect to our exploration. As we uncover the mysteries of our ancient past, it is crucial to remain open to multiple interpretations and embrace the profound wisdom that these ancient civilisations offer.

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