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A step by step guide on how to connect and understand your own crystal collections energetic frequency & personality.


As a crystal practitioner, I have found myself in the past feeling inadequate about not knowing all the meanings of the different varieties of known crystals that we have access to. To give a little perspective, there are over 4500 crystals on record and as we continue to explore the planet, more are being discovered.


In light of this, I believe that if we want to get to know our crystals metaphysical meanings, we need to make friends with them, know where they come from, observe how they look, take note of their features, notice how they make us feel. All of which, will allow us to foster an intimate relationship with our crystal beings.


Therefore, I have decided to share my own ‘how to' connect to your crystals method within this journal.  Empowering  both the beginner or experienced practitioner to build  confidence and to create your own 'crystal bible' of the metaphysical meanings of your collection.


The great thing about this, is that it is in pdf format so you can download and continually print off as your crystal collection grows. Meaning, you have life time access to this 2022 version. 

Crystal Journal

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