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This amethyst was extracted in a place called Scotia's Grave and according to Irish Folklore and Mythology, the battle of Sliabh Mish was fought in this glen above the town of Tralee, where the Celtic Milesians defeated the Tuatha de Dannann but Scotia, the Queen of the Milesians died in battle while pregnant as she attempted to jump a bank on horseback. 


The area is now known as Scotia's Glen and her grave is reported to be under an huge ancient stone inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs. She was said to be a Pharaoh's daughter and had come to Ireland to avenge the death of her husband, the King of the Milesians, who had been wounded in a previous ambush in south Kerry. The Kingdom of the Ark book reveals numerous archaeological connections between Egypt and Ireland. Evans argues the remains of an ancient boat in Yorkshire, is over 3000 years old from around 1400 to 1350 BC. She tells the story of Scota who fled from Egypt as a princess with her husband Gaythelos with a large following of people and settled in Scotland. From here they were forced to leave and landed in Ireland, where they formed the Scotti, and their kings became the high kings of Ireland. In later centuries they returned to Scotland defeating the Picts, and giving Scotland its name.


The features of these magical crystals are quite unique and do have tiny prymid shapes on the faces inclusing record keeper etches. 

Scotia Amethyst From Ireland

20,00£ Normaali hinta
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