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Unearthing Past Lives: Navigating Uncomfortable Encounters through Regression


The concept of past life regression has long intrigued those who seek to explore the mysteries of their soul's journey through time. It delves into the belief that our current lives are entwined with our past experiences, both positive and negative. As we venture into the depths of the Akashic Records in our previous blog here, we often uncover stories that not only enlighten us but also challenge our understanding of the greater good. In this blog, we will delve into the intriguing world of past life regression, emphasising that sometimes, the people we encounter in this life carry with them unsettling echoes of shared history.

The Profound Revelation:

As my reflection of the Akashic Records continue, I wanted to share an encounter I had which on reflection was a powerful revelation that underscored the interconnectedness of our lives across different lifetimes. It was a profound lesson in the idea that people we meet in this life may have unfinished business that transcends the boundaries of time.

One such experience unfolded when I formed a deep connection with a friend. There was an unexplained energy between us, a magnetic pull that drew us closer together. We worked side by side as hairdressers, and our bond was undeniable. However, there was an underlying complexity to our connection that defied explanation.

A Shared Past Revealed:

It was during her journey through past life regression that the pieces of this intricate puzzle began to fall into place. In one session, my friend recounted a vivid past life memory where she saw herself as a knight, engaged in a fierce battle within a forest. The scene was intense, and she described the emotional turmoil of facing an opponent she knew intimately. In the midst of combat, the vision turned dark, leaving her with a profound sense of pain and regret.

As she shared this experience with me, something within me resonated deeply. In that moment, I knew with unwavering certainty that I had been the other knight—the one she had fought and ultimately killed in that past life. The energy we had felt between us, the unspoken tension, suddenly found its context. It was the residue of an unresolved conflict that had transcended time.

Dead knight by Llyncis

Acknowledging the Complexity:

In our candid conversation, we both acknowledged the complexity of our connection. While it was clear that we were meant to cross paths in this lifetime, the past had left its mark. We recognised that certain wounds from that bygone era still required healing, and our souls were on a journey of reconciliation.

With heavy hearts, we made the difficult decision to part ways as friends in this lifetime. It was a choice rooted in a deep understanding that our souls were navigating a complex terrain of karma and forgiveness. My friend gifted me with a brooch, a symbol of the knight from our shared past, as a token of our profound connection.

The Profound Impact:

Even now, as I reflect on this experience, I am reminded of the enduring impact of our past lives on our present existence. It serves as a poignant reminder that the Akashic Records hold the imprints of our soul's journey through time and that the people we encounter in this lifetime may carry with them echoes of shared history. This encounter, though challenging and bittersweet, reaffirmed the profound and undeniable reality of the spiritual interconnectedness that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Past life regression can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, but it also leads us down paths we may not have anticipated. The story of my friend and me serves as a testament to the complexity of our spiritual journey, where encounters with others may unearth uncomfortable or even painful truths from the past. However, it is through acknowledging and addressing these uncomfortable revelations that we can ultimately find healing, growth, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness that binds us across lifetimes. In the end, it is a reminder that our journey towards the greater good may require us to confront the shadows of our past with courage and compassion.

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