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′′ I'm just asking you to come into my house with respect. To serve you, I don't need your devotion, but your sincerity. Not your beliefs, but your thirst for knowledge. Walk in with your vices, your fears, and your hatreds; from the biggest to the smallest, I can help you dissolve them. You can look at me and love me as a female, as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, but never look at me as an authority above yourself”. 


Translation Of Text Written In Gold At The Entrance Of Goddess SEKHMET Temple (Egypt - Karnak Temple)  


What is Sekhem 

You are here because you hear the call of Sekhment  

Sekhem is connected to the Lion-headed Sekhmet. She is the Goddess of War and Healing Sciences. She is the guardian and protector of energy. I have had great success working with Sekhmet as she embodies the cycles we all go through as humans when we go through high and low periods in our lives.

However when the lows happen, it can feel like a war or a battle you may feel you never win, but there can be an opportunity to heal and grow from the war of obstacles and challenges in our lives. Sekhmet breaks down what no longer serves us, so that we can build anew to transform our lives. It's not an easy journey and you are required to work through obstacles before moving forward.

This is an extremely powerful gift to receive, and one that I have seen many people benefit from over time.

 When we work with Sekhem, we unlock the belief systems that have an impact on our truth and allow it to unravel. The power of Sekhem allows you to become connected to yourself as it opens you up to what your true self is seeking or needing to receive. You can begin to connect with your inner voice, the voice you may have not been able to tune into otherwise. When you experience energy healing, especially Sekhem, it calls for you to take responsibility of what you are needing to heal and grow from. When Sekhem brings all that no longer serves you to the forefront, you can no longer hide and are forced to look into the shadow. In turn, this enables you to uphold a commitment to yourself, others and the world around you.




Who is this course sutible for?

The initiation is very powerful and not suitable for novices. It requires a great deal of energy to channel, and to receive. This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to enter into a deeper awareness of what being a healing practitioner is about; as such, a healing crisis/event is often a common and welcomed facet of the integration process. Therefore, it is only open to those who have already been attuned to Reiki Master Level. 


What's included?

Level 1 initiation, you will receive the first symbol and attunment. 


Master level is more in-depth

you learn about the Egyptian Gods & Goddess, in-depth knowledge about Sekhmet, Master symbols, the 9 parts of the soul, the Neteru, Heru, Spirits of the Neteru, meditations, activations and much more.  

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If you have been attuned to master level by me then the cost for level 1 Sekhem is free.

If you have not been attuned to master level by me then you will need to undergo the master attunement the USUI system which costs £250 non teaching or £450 teaching level. You will receive the Sekhem level 1 during the master attunement on request.

For further information on the Usui Reiki course click here 


The Sekhem master level investment is £450 but you will needed to have under taken the Reiki teaching level to gain the Sekhem Master level. 

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