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My courses are designed to equip you with a comprehensive foundation, ensuring you become a competent and self-assured practitioner.


As a Certified Crystal Practitioner (CCP) and an Accredited Crystal Master (ACM), a Reiki Master Teacher in the Western Usui lineage, a Sekhem Master, a Certified Sound Practitioner (CMA), a practitioner trained in Goddess Embodiment Philosophy, and a Facialist certified by The Guild of Beauty Therapists, I have acquired a diverse range of certifications and expertise.


My passion lies in elevating holistic therapies to the level of a high-end profession. I take pride in sharing my extensive knowledge and insider tips with you, enabling you to stand out from the crowd, achieve success, and feel empowered in your chosen path. Even after you have completed your qualifications, I am dedicated to providing ongoing support and guidance. Should you wish to start your own business, I can assist you in establishing the necessary connections and help you thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of holistic practices.


At every step of your journey, my goal is to ensure your growth and excellence. Together, we will navigate the exciting realm of holistic therapies, and I will be your steadfast ally in achieving your professional aspirations.

Please note: I have limited spaces for Reiki courses and will only be taking on 6 student per year. All Reiki courses are run 1:1 and you have life time access to me for support as you grow into your own practice. This comes at no extra charge.  

Current Courses 


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