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Shamanic Practices with Crystals & Sound 

This workshop is for people who are new to shamanism and offers an introduction to the ancient tradition of working with crystals as allies and co-healers in crystal therapy sessions.

Shamanism is a spiritual tradition that originated 40,000 years ago. Evidence of its existence can be found on every continent. Shamans from different cultures developed healing practices that are strikingly similar. The term shaman comes from the Tungus people of Siberia. Western countries were influenced by anthropologists who studied traditional healing practices. One such anthropologist was Dr. Michael Harner; he wrote a book in 1980 called The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing, which popularised shamanism as a path for personal discovery.

I'm not a shamanic healer and don't call myself one. This title is reserved solely for those indigenous communities who select their healers by community elders. Much of what I do comes from traditional earth-based healing practices. These are in line with nature and transcend one specific culture. So it is important to know that we will not be picking and choosing different traditions or claiming them as our own; we will be adapting them to be more universal. 

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Join this intensive workshop on shamanic techniques to explore earth-based healing and crystal therapy.

What we will be exploring

This workshop will introduce you to the foundations of earth-based therapy and shamanism, as well as offer you an opportunity to experience a guided shamanic journey. 

We will examine the history of shamanic healing in the West, and its use in energy work today. We will also learn how to connect with the Earth’s medicine through journey, and how to deepen your connection with crystals.  Look at crystal body layouts for shamanic healing, techniques for safely journeying to the Lower World to connect with your crystal, and ways to incorporate shamanic techniques into a crystal healing session.


Please note: it’s recommended that you’re not brand new to working with crystals and preferable you have completed the accredited crystal knowhow course level 1. Please e-mail outlining your crystal experience, to see if this module is suitable for you before purchasing. 

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Presented by Beverley Dodds(ACM)
Founder of Primal Stone. 

Hi I am Bev the founder of Primal Stone, I am passionate about energy healing, vibrational healing, goddess embodiment and crystals which are the tools mother earth has gifted us to allow us to elevate our consciousness. I was also trained in healing techniques that are earth-based and shamanic-based. 



Extra Benefits 

 The workshop material is a mix of pre-recored lessons, transcripts, suggested reading, class resources and short questionnaires to help integrate your learning. You will have life time access to the content. 

There are no dead lines so you can complete the program in your own time. 

You also get free access to a private group where you will be able to ask questions about the course and share ideas or progress on your own spiritual development. 

There are extra recourses for you to dive in deeper of you choose to do so but it is not a requirement. 

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