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beverley the founder of primal stone standing at the tor Glastonbury smiling


Hello, I'm Bev, the passionate founder of Primal Soul, previously Primal Stone. My deep love for energy healing and crystals stems from the profound belief that they are sacred gifts from Mother Earth, guiding us towards elevated consciousness.


Ethics, sustainability, inclusivity, and embracing diverse cultural energy practices form the very foundations of Primal Soul. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to extensive training in various energy modalities. I am proud to hold certifications as a Crystal Practitioner Master Level, Reiki Master, Sekhem Master, Sound Practitioner, and Embody Goddess Philosophy. However, the term "Master" is paradoxical to me because I believe in maintaining a mindset of continuous spiritual inquiry and perpetually embracing the role of a student. Cultural respect, inter-disciplinary collaboration, and exploration of holistic practices are essential to me. They serve as crucial steps in dismantling colonial mindsets and their harmful impact within our communities and holistic realms.


With these values in mind, my mission extends beyond mere sensitivity to the cultural origins of energy work. I actively work to remove my own colonial viewpoints, hierarchies, and notions of authority from the metaphysical world of crystals and Reiki. Instead, I aim to become a connector, supporting empowerment and autonomy by sharing knowledge to foster mutual spiritual growth. In line with this vision, I have developed courses that are rooted in inclusivity, covering topics ranging from the fundamentals of energy work and crystal knowledge to the history of energy practices and Reiki attunements. These courses are accessible to everyone, regardless of  background or circumstances, allowing individuals to fully embrace energy work and make empowered choices about their own spiritual journey.


At Primal Soul, I am committed to creating a safe and nurturing space where individuals can explore energy work, embrace their unique path, and cultivate a deep connection with themselves and the world around them. Join me on this transformative journey as we delve into the beauty and wisdom of energy healing, honoring our roots and opening doors to endless possibilities.

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