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Reiki Training Level 2

Reiki is a Japanese ancient art of healing by touch.  The word REI, means universal and KI life force energy.  Reiki is a way of channelling this energy to address not only physical disorders but also to open the mind.  Reiki is not a religion, as it holds no creed or doctrine.  Its use of the energy can be traced back thousands of years.  It was reintroduced in its present form (Reiki) in the late 19th century after many years of dedicated research by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Shintoist and Zen Buddhist.


Reiki flows through every living thing, since it is in our life force.  However, what makes this system of healing different from the others is the attunement’s (also known as initiations) which you (the student) experiences in the various level of Reiki classes.  The Reiki attunement’s are a very ancient process for fine tuning the physical and the etheric bodies to a vibratory level opening a purifier channel in the body for the energy to pass through.  Once this channel has been opened it will remain open for the rest of the person’s life and will be activated simply through intent.  


You will be taught The Western style of Reiki which was brought to us  by Mrs. Takata when she began practicing and teaching in Hawaii in the late 1930’s. It is important to note she was taught in the traditional Japanese style but adapted the practice. 

The course is taught face to face or in real time on-line, please make your preference known when making payment or sending an enquiry. 

Please note: I have limited spaces for Reiki courses and will only be taking on 6 student per year. All Reiki courses are run 1:1 and you have life time access to me for support as you grow into your own practise. This comes at no extra charge.  




I believe there is only one Supreme Being - the Absolute Infinite - a dynamic force that governs the world and the universe. It is a universal force from the divine spirit and is available to anyone interested in learning the art of healing. "Reiki helps attain health, happiness and security which leads to the road of longevity

Mrs Takata the founder of The Western Reiki tradition

What you will learn 

Revisit Level 1 ensuring full foundational understanding of energy work, chakras and aura systems. 

Reiki Empowerment 

3x Reiki symbol breakdown, discussion of meanings, origins of symbols linking to Ancient Japanese Shintoism  and Tibetan Sanskrit's

Working ethically as a practitioner 

Dealing with ethical problems 

Professional Issues (data protection, note taking, forms)

Continuing self healing, getting treatments from others and why it is important

How to set up your own Reiki practice

Demonstration of delivering a full body treatment to others

Sending distant healing theory and practical demonstration

Grounding, Protection and cutting ties

Using crystals and sound bowls in a Reiki session (optional extra)

Attunement Ceremony

Closing Reiki infused sound healing 

21 Day Detox prep

bev on the beach

Presented by Beverley Jones(ACM)
Founder of Primal Stone. 

Hi I am Bev the founder of Primal Soul, I am passionate about energy healing, vibrational healing, goddess embodiment and crystals which are the tools mother earth has gifted us to allow us to elevate our consciousness. I was also trained in healing techniques that are earth-based and shamanic-based. 



What's Included

1 day theory and hands on demonstration for delivering a healing session. (9am-5pm)

(optional extra sound and crystals add ons will need an extra day) 

1 day observation of delivering a Reiki treatment.

1 afternoon certificate presentations recognised by the UK Reiki Federation. 


Access to Me directly via what’s app for life for any issues and support needed as you grow with your practice.


A sound healing session to finish. 


You will also receive an electronic 21day Reiki Journal and 1 course pack with all course notes.  


Level 2 requirements to complete training

Submit 3 case studies, give a full Reiki treatment whilst being observed, discuss your attunement journal( I don’t need to see it just discuss any issues you would like to talk over), and to complete one written assignment.


Equipment needed:

warm comfy clothes, pen and paper. 


The pack Includes all documents needed such as consultation forms, quick reference guides, body layout forms for tracking your sessions. 

You also get free access to a on-line private group where you will be able to ask questions about the course and share ideas or progress on your own spiritual development. 

There are extra recourses for you to dive in deeper of you choose to do so but it is not a requirement. 

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Once you have paid, you will receive an e-mail to make arrangements for a date that suits you.


You can e-mail me first to make arrangements  using the below enquiry button

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